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EXCLUSIVE: Domestic Violence Group Responds to Chris Brown Interview

While Chris Brown may have aired his regrets and apologies during his interview with Larry King which aired Wednesday night, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence have a few things to say about his statements. The group’s executive director Rita Smith spoke with RadarOnline.com with their reactions to his comments.

Read about the group’s outrage after Brown’s sentencing

On Brown saying he could see himself spending the rest of his life with Rihanna: “I’m sure he could.  That would be devastating for her. I’m sure he can. My reaction to that is that he can’t possibly love her if he hurts her. Those two things do not happen in the same context. If he loves her he would never, ever hurt her.”

On Brown saying he won’t talk about the night out of respect for Rihanna: “Well, I think that that’s what he is trying to do. It doesn’t matter what was going on with Rihanna, he chose to react the way he did and that’s his responsibility. He could have stopped the car and gotten out and walked away if he didn’t like what was happening.  Instead he chose to hurt her pretty badly.  That’s something that he needs to come up with, it does not matter what was going on with her.  That would be out of respect to Rihanna that he would say something like that.”

On Brown blaming his childhood for the attack: “Part of it is because he did not have a very good role model when he was growing up. He had a really poor role model. But he can choose not to replicate that behavior. Using violence is a choice. It’s not like something took hold of him and threw him up against Rihanna. He made that choice, he used his fist. That¹s a very aggressive behavior. And it worried me that he got to that level as quickly as he did, it did not take long for it to escalate to that point. So I think that it would be a good thing if Rihanna did not reconnect with him because he¹s got a lot of work to do before he is a good partner.”

On Brown’s court-mandated community service work: “I hope that all of that interaction gives him the incentive he needs to make a difference for himself.  In the future his relationships will either be better, or be the same. That’s totally up to him how that goes.”