EXCLUSIVE: D.A. Likely To Send Case Against Dr. Murray To Grand Jury

Law enforcement sources close to the ongoing investigation into Michael Jackson‘s death tell RadarOnline.com that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office are  “extremely likely to have a grand jury inpaneled to seek an indictment against Dr. Conrad Murray.

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“This option is being heavily weighed by the office for several reasons. The grand jury meets in secret, and no one associated with the proceedings, including witnesses can discuss anything outside of the grand jury room.

“More importantly, if Dr. Conrad Murray is indicted, there will be no preliminary hearing, and this is often done in high profile cases in Los Angeles. If an indictment is handed down, it goes straight to arraignment, and then to trial. The potential jury pool couldn’t be tainted by saturated media coverage of a preliminary hearing.”

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If the district attorney does seek a grand jury for Dr. Murray, his lawyer, Ed Chernoff would receive a letter notifying him that a grand jury has been convened and invite Dr. Murray to testify, which he would most likely be advised not to attend.

Grand juries could indict Dr. Murray on charges from second degree murder to involuntary manslaughter, or reject charges all together, although in Los Angeles, “grand juries are known to indict ham sandwiches” the law enforcement source says.

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