Evi Quaid Makes Battle With Presidio County Sheriff’s Office

Evi Quaid has upped the ante in her battle with the Presidio County Sheriff’s office in Texas.

Evi was arrested Thursday, along with husband Randy, and charged with defrauding an innkeeper, conspiracy and burglary after they skipped out on hotel bills of tens of thousands of dollars at the swanky San Ysidro ranch in Santa Barbara and The Hotel Bel-Air.

Randy and Evi get arrested

See Randy and Evi’s mugshots

Evi maintains their innocence and insists the whole thing is a set up and conspiracy.

RadarOnline.com were the first to bring news of their felony charges

She made her feelings known Friday when she drove and parked a large truck outside of Mayor Dan Dunlap’s office, then proceeded to paint on the side of it.

Watch a video interview with the Quaid’s ex PI where she claims she fears for her life

The sign says “Deputy James Davis takes payments call and make offers”.

Randy and Evi both posted 20k bail Thursday evening and were sprung from the tiny Presidio County, Texas jail.

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