Dustin Diamond Says He’s Not Afraid of Mario Lopez and Mark Paul Gosselaar

He may have become famous playing scrawny nerd Screech, but in real life Dustin Diamond would happily face his (buffer and bigger) Saved By The Bell co-stars if they wanted revenge over his recent tell-all book.

His shocking allegations

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“I’m more dangerous with martial arts than Mark-Paul [Gosselaar] or Mario [Lopez] ever was. I’m not the character Screech,” Diamond said. “The last thing they’d want to do is harm me in any way, because then that’s a whole new legal battle and paparazzi thing. I can own all of Mario’s, um, hosting shoes. What does he have?”

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In his book Behind the Bell, Diamond references a rape accusation against Lopez (“It’s public record. It’s in the L.A. County court systems,” he told Popeater.) and alleges Gosselaar took steroids while he shot the spin-off “Saved By The Bell: The College Years.”

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Diamond says the book wasn’t aimed to bash his co-stars and admits he doesn’t come away unscathed either. His reason for the book was simply to get the real story that people were interested out there.

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“I don’t throw anyone under the bus more than myself and it’s an honest account of what we went through.”

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