Chris Brown Was Never Confirmed For Jackson Tribute

Jermaine Jackson announced Tuesday that Chris Brown was due to perform in a special Michael Jackson Tribute concert in Vienna, Austria, on September 26th.

But then later in the day Chris’ camp came out and denied it, saying there were no plans to perform. So what happened?
has the inside scoop.

“Chris was never confirmed to perform,” a source close to the singer tells “The producers organizing the event did approach Chris’ people last week and they were looking into it.

“Chris is a huge Michael Jackson fan so it was something that he was definitely interested in being involved in but being interested is a far as the process went. He 100% was never confirmed at any point to perform.

“It came totally out of the blue on Tuesday when they announced he was performing, it totally wasn’t true. Chris’ people were amazed and I hear that Mary J Blige’s camp had the same reaction, as she wasn’t confirmed either.

“When the producers approached Chris they promised a whole list of names including Madonna and Beyonce amongst others, obviously none of these names have materialized. The whole event sounds like a fiasco.”

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