VIDEO: Chris Brown Could Envision Spending His Life With Rihanna

Chris Brown was in full contrition mode on Wednesday night as his full interview with Larry King was finally broadcast despite being taped a week before. Flanked by his mother Joyce Hawkins and lawyer Mark Geragos, the singer spent the hour addressing his assault on Rihanna, the aftermath, and how he’s moving forward.

When asked if he loves and is still in love with Rihanna, Brown responded “Definitely” both times. When asked if he could see himself spending his life with Rihanna, he at first skirted the question saying, “Well, I’m young, I’m 20.” However, when pressed by King about whether or not he could conceive of that possibility in the future, Brown then responded firmly, “yes.”

On Wednesday, he released a statement explaining his response to whether or not he remembered the attack. His response of “no” immediately came under speculation and caused Brown to backtrack, claiming he misspoke and that his words were taken out of context. When asked about the photo of bruised Rihanna taken after the Feb . 8 incident, Brown said he saw it a week after.

“I just felt so disappointed in myself,” he said. “When I look at it now, I can’t believe that actually happened.”

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