Caught In The Act: Drew Barrymore Whips Up A Fashion Faux-Pas!

Drew Barrymore has skated into fashion-nightmare-land. The director and star of Whip It, a film that gives a shout out to roller-derby culture, showed up at Toronto’s International Film Festival with a hair-raising new ’do and an equally tragic ensemble.

One thing we can say about this loveable Hollywood leading lady – sometimes she hits the mark perfectly with her style (perfectly polished in Dior at the Golden Globes). But her preference for quirky looks has often gotten her into trouble in the past (Remember the grungy Courtney-Love look-alike ‘90’s?) This time, it’s thumbs down all the way. What’s up with the acid wash jacket, Girl? You must whip it; whip it good- straight into the trash.

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