Cate Blanchett Returns to Work After Accident

Cate Blanchett is soldiering on after getting struck in the head with a prop radio while performing A Streetcar Named Desire on Wednesday. The Sydney Theater Company’s general manager confirmed that the actress will be back at work for the Thursday night performance.

“Cate Blanchett was accidentally struck on the head by a prop. She sustained a minor injury but felt fine soon afterwards,” said Rob Brookman in a statement. “Unfortunately it was necessary to cancel the rest of that performance. Cate is fine and tonight’s performance will go ahead as planned.”

The forty-year old actress, who was spotted returning home on Thursday with her husband Andrew Upton and their youngest son Ignatius, was in the middle of a fight scene with co-star Joel Edgerton when the radio he was scripted to throw slipped through his hands and accidentally hit her.

An audience member said that the actress attempted to continue with the scene despite blood streaming down the back of her head and neck. Shortly after, the theater’s house lights turned on and the play was shut down.

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