Amy Winehouse Tries Her Hand At Rapping

Amy Winehouse has taken-up rap music!

M.C. WINE-O made her debut during a boozy late night recording session in her North London home with some disastrous results.

Click to hear Winehouse rapping

The barely coherent singer slurs through a track that contains some mind boggling words while her backing band, including singer Zalon, play drums and guitar.

At one point the Back To Black singer pays tribute to her beloved Caribbean and her own heritage by christening herself a ‘Jewmaican’.

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But we don’t think that Eminem or Jay Z will be shaking in their boots after hearing some of the London songbird’s lyrics.

She raps: “Listen. I can write ten raps a night, it don’t matter but you know that it’s tight.

Watch video of Amy forgetting lyrics and flashing the crowd

“I will never wear my hair out unless I am the best.

“Oh snap, I never knew that. Well I know that I’m a Jew. Well, a Jewmaican.”

But while Winehouse’s latest efforts might not attract the attention of record executives her neighbors in the plush neighborhood are paying much more attention. They are tiring of her late night recording binges and have asked her several times to keep the noise down.

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One told the UK Sun newspaper: “She has been complying by turning off amps and stopping playing the guitar after midnight but she has still been singing until silly o’clock. “No one wants to fall out with her as it’s quite a close community, but if it carries on they’ll be taking it further.”

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