Woman Claims Michael Jackson Father Of Her Son; Files Claim Against Estate

Somehow we think this is only the beginning of these type of claims…

Zerline LaVette Dixon says that she gave birth to Michael Jackson‘s son on September 23, 1984 at Holy Cross Hospital in Mission Hills and filed a creditor’s claim against his estate Wednesday in Los Angeles.

The name of Michael’s alleged son is Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson. Michael Jackson is listed on the birth certificate.

Prince Michael has come forward as a creditor of the estate.

The court documents state, “defendant Michael Jackson admitted to members of the claimants family that claimants mother was a friend of his.

Claimant very closely resembles decedent. Decedent’s family aggresively pressured claimant’s family to not bring the claimant forward to public attention. Claimant seeks DNA comparisons.”

Click here to see the court documents.

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