Woman Claims To Be Mother of Jackson’s Three Children

The Michael Jackson circus just got a little more bizarre with the emergence of a woman claiming to be the mother of his three children. Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise filed a petition with the Los Angeles Superior Court claiming she the biological mother of Jackson’s kids and his wife. She is also requesting that Katherine Jackson’s guardianship of the children be terminated.

Read the court documents filed by Elisabeth Fields Cruise

Cruise (a.k.a. Claire Elisabeth Jackson per her written addition to the papers), stated the termination would be in the best interest of the children because: “I am the biological mother of Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket) and all of his siblings. I am also legally married to the father, Michael Joseph Jackson, who is now deceased. & am engaged to Prince Michael Jackson II’s biological father.” She also says she filed a family law action that involves all three of the children.

She also lists her parents as her own grandparents and also seems to name a different biological father for each of the three children.

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