VIDEO: The New Trailer For James Cameron’s Avatar

Possibly more anticipated than the new Twilight sequel is James Cameron’s new sci-fi fantasy Avatar and brings you the newest trailer!

Click on the video for the sneak peak!

Already generating some Oscar buzz, the film is set on the small planet of Pandora in the 22nd century. The martian land is inhabited by the Na’vi who are ten-foot blue humanoids who come under attack. Since humans cannot breath the planet’s air, Avatars (a hybrid of a human and a Na’vi) are genetically engineered and can be controlled with a mental link.

Sam Worthington plays a Marine who volunteers to become an Avatar and then falls in love with a Na’Vi princess. He soon becomes conflicted between the Na’vi people and the human militia overtaking Pandora.

Avatar premieres on December 18 and also stars Sigourney Weaver and Michelle Rodriguez.

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