VIDEO: Meet Susan Boyle, Glamour Girl

Susan Boyle continues getting the My Fair Lady treatment.

The 48-year-old Scottish spinster-turned-singing superstar shot her first photo spread for next month’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine that complements a feature article titled ‘Susan Boyle: Unsung Hero’.

Boyle, whose rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ on Britain’s Got Talent gained her worldwide fame in seemingly record-time, is featured with a sleek new coif and in a series of sophisticated, classy and fashionable get-ups for the magazine.

Harper’s Bazaar features and special projects director Laura Brown told the Today Show that Boyle is starting to get the hang of show biz.

“I think Susan is getting more and more used to being in the spotlight and being on television and being photographed,” Brown said. “I think, since April… you’ve seen her grow more polished and refined. She’s growing in her confidence in what she will wear and how she will be perceived.”

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