VIDEO: Man Arrested on Bogus Cocaine Charge For Eating A Rolaids Speaks Out

Don May – the Florida man arrested on a bogus drug charge and left to rot in jail  – spoke out on Fox & Friends Thursday morning.

May told Fox & Friends: “ I lost my job… I lived on the street my first month out of jail.”

May spent three months behind bars after he was arrested by a Kissimmee Police Officer in May of 2005.  Officer Eric Rice pulled him over when he saw May put a white tablet into his mouth.

May told the cop it was a Rolaids tablet. The officer didn’t believe him and thought it was crack cocaine and put some of the substance in a bag to test it. 

For some inexplicable reason,  May sat in jail for three months while the state tested the substance.

Said May: “I was thinking he was nuts, especially after he told me the charges.”

When the results eventually came in – that it was in fact a Rolaids tablet — the Florida Department of Law Enforcement sent Kissimmee Police a letter stating it was not cocaine. The state dropped the charges. Now, May is pursuing a federal civil rights case against Kissimmee and Officer Rice.

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