VIDEO: Lily Allen’s Meltdown In Concert Over Back Injury

English pop singer Lily Allen broke down in tears while performing in concert at the Flow Festival in Helsinki, Finland on Sunday night.

It wasn’t her performance that moved the 24 year-old Brit to tears but a bad fall the night before which left her back in bad shape as she revealed on her Twitter page.  “(I) fell over badly last night and ive really f***** my back up. just had an injection in my bum. how am i gonna get through tonights gig?

She later tweeted the injection made her feel “woooozy” and apparently emotional.  Taking a cue from her latest album “It’s Not Me, It’s You,” she
tearfully told the Finnish audience her reasons for the tears.

‘I feel a bit emotional tonight and if I cry it’s not because of you but because of me,’

But the show must go on and Lily Allen lit up a cigarette and continued her performance like a trouper as seen in the video below.

However, her string of bad luck didn’t end Sunday night.  Her recent tweet pleaded for help in retrieving a lost handbag.  “i lost my handbag in Gothenburg last night. help !

Fortunately, Allen has a few days off to recoup from her misfortune with a four day break until Friday when she plays at the Lowlands Festival in Holland.


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