VIDEO: Lauren Conrad Can’t Avoid Pizza

After the villainous Spencer, double-faced Heidi and a host of lying Los Angeles men, who could’ve guessed that Lauren Conrad‘s biggest known enemy was pizza?

“It’s a problem. That was actually the hardest thing for me on my last diet, was not eating pizza,” she tells Shape magazine. has exclusive (and sexy!) behind the scenes video of Conrad  shooting her second cover, for the magazine’s coveted September issue.

“It’s everywhere! It really is, you drive down the street and there’s pizza.”

LC flaunts an adorable pink bikini and flowing California casual gowns on the beach for the spread.

The beauty also discusses her biggest weakness when it comes to pressures to look perfect.

“I think that the biggest pressure that I cave into is just trying not to walk out of the house looking like a hot mess,” she laughed.

“Some days you want to just throw on jeans and a t-shirt and not worry about  makeup and hair, but those usually are the days that a photographer will pop out of nowhere.”

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