VIDEO: Jasmine Fiore – Full Of Life; Full Of Promise

You’ve seen the photos — you’ve heard the stories. Now, can show you the first extended video of Jasmine Fiore, the 28-year-old model whose body was found naked and mutilated in a suitcase in Buena Park, California on August 15.

VIDEO: “Megan” Casting Director Explains Why She Put Ryan Jenkins On TV

The video was shot in 2005 as Jasmine hosted a promotional segment for a Las Vegas clothing store.

VIDEO: Who’s The Mystery Blonde?  Cops Search For Woman Who Helped Ryan Jenkins Check Into Motel

Her ex-husband Ryan Jenkins – who was charged in her brutal murder – was later found hanged in a Canadian motel room.

VIDEO: Jasmine Fiore’s Mother, Ex React To Ryan Jenkins Death

Police suspect Jenkins committed suicide.

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