VIDEO: Honeymoon Disaster For Channing Tatum and New Bride

G.I. Joe star Channing Tatum may be all action on the big screen this Friday, but the newlywed wasn’t feeling like an action star on his honeymoon with new bride Jenna Dewan.

Despite having a “magical” wedding, according to Tatum on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night, the honeymoon in Bali or “mini-moon,” as he referred to it, was far from perfect.

“I got some food poisoning the first day there and that lasted two days. And then she got sick on the third day.  So we just got a tattoo to wrap it up nicely.”

The pair got matching tattoos with the phrase “side by side in Balinese. (Cue the Awww!) Tatum also revealed to Fallon, the nuptials will continue with a real honeymoon sometime soon.

Watch the clip from Channing Tatum’s appearance on Late Night!

G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra opens in theaters Friday.

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