VIDEO: Eric Bana Offers To Moon Crowd

In case you haven’t seen enough of Eric Bana at the movies this summer, the incredible hunk actor offered to bare his bum to late night audiences Wednesday night.

The Star Trek and Funny People star stopped by the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to promote his latest film The Time Traveler’s Wife,
co-starring Rachel McAdams, in which he time travels in the buff.  “I have to wake up in Chicago in various places stark naked.”

After peaking Ferguson’s interest, the late night comic asked if a body double performed the honors.  “No I did it myself but I didn’t really want to ‘cus who really wants to see a forty year-old butt?

Apparently, Ferguson’s audience does!  After the audience cheered him on, Bana got up and pretended to pull down his pants but he didn’t go through with it.  The crowd was definitely disappointed but don’t fret, Bana reveals bum and all this weekend when The Time Traveler’s Wife opens in theaters Friday.

Watch the late night tease in the clip above!

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