VIDEO: Debbie Rowe Did Not Meet With Dr. Klein

Despite an internet report that Debbie Rowe paid a visit to her former boss and Michael Jackson’s doctor Arnold Klein on Thursday afternoon, has learned that she was actually meeting with a another doctor in the same suite!

Rowe stopped by Dr. David Charles Rish’s Office with a friend who had gotten a dermatological biopsy just a week earlier. They were returning to the doctor’s office for a check-up.

Afterwards, Rowe and her friend met with another pal-who is a television producer- and went downstairs for some lunch.

Despite reporters firing questions at her, Rowe remained calm and tight-lipped.

Klein-who is rumored to be the father of Jackson’s two eldest children Prince and Paris- recently announced he was getting involved in the custody case and his lawyer will reportedly file legal papers with the judge next month.

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