VIDEO: David Letterman Takes On The Real “Devil”

The inspiration behind The Devil Wears Prada makes an appearance on late night TV and David Letterman lives to tell about it.

Fashion icon, Vogue editor-in-chief and rumored boss from hell Anna Wintour made a rare appearance on Late Night with David Letterman to promote her new documentary, The September Issue, a look at the workings behind Vogue’s biggest fashion issue.

Wintour made her entrance wearing designer sunglasses (probably Prada)and Letterman greeted, then whispered something into her ear which we assume was something to the effect of taking her eye wear off.  She obliged and then endured Letterman’s curiosity into the accuracy of Meryl Streep’s Ice Queen performance in the movie.   “It was made about you and your organization and good luck, you were the devil in the title.”  Wintour kept her cool and corrected Letterman – ” Well, I seem to remember actually the movie was fiction.”

Wintour went on to defend her reputation as a tough boss calling herself “very decisive.”  Letterman then asked if she’s ever put anyone in a headlock in which she replied, “you maybe.”

Watch the funny interaction between the king of late night and the queen of fashion.

The September Issue documentary opens in limited theaters Friday.

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