Totally Rad! MASH Returns, With Zac Efron In Tow

Who remembers the classic fortune-telling game of pre-teen girls in the 80s, a.k.a. MASH (Manson, Apartment, Shack, House)?

A new, digital incarnation of the game — in conjunction with the DVD, an on Demand & Digital Download release of 17 Again — is free and online now, available at; you can also pre-order the hit film via the application”

The new MASH game, like the old, asks a series of fate-in-the-balance questions to determine where you’ll be 17 years from now, be it the penthouse or the outhouse. But better yet, the new, high-tech version features dreamy images from the hit Zac Efron flick.

17 Again, starring Efron and Matthew Perry, arrives to the On Demand, Digital, Blu-ray & DVD formats Tuesday.

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