Spider-Man Sequels Growing Like Cobwebs!

With Spider-Man 4 set to go into production early next year, Sony Pictures has just confirmed that scripts are in the works for Spidey 5 and 6!  James Vanderbilt, who penned the Jake Gyllenhaal-starrer Zodiac has won the assignment.  He is also one of the writers on Spider-Man 4.

The big question remaining – will Tobey Maguire be back in the title role with Kirsten Dunst as his lady love?  The pair is set for Spidey 4 (scheduled for a 2011 release) but that’s as far as their respective deals go.

An industry expert told RadarOnline.com that a very possible scenario is to replace the now 34-year-old Maguire in 5 and 6, in much the same way the baton was passed from Sean Connery to Roger Moore to Piece Brosnan and now Daniel Craig (with a few other non-notables thrown in) on the James Bond franchise.  “A 40-year-old Spidey just doesn’t work,” the source said.

Either way, Spider-Man fans can look forward to another decade of their favorite action hero on the screen.

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