Shocking Photos: Chris Brown Parties After Being Sentenced For Beating Rihanna

Chris Brown has said he is “ashamed and embarrassed” by his actions the night he brutally beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna – so it may shock you to see photos of the R&B singer partying only hours after he was sentenced by a judge in Los Angeles, California!

Check out more photos of Chris Brown partying after his sentencing.

Brown — wearing a gray vest with a yellow heart on it — was snapped Tuesday night dancing the night away at a club called Guys and Dolls in Hollywood.

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At one point, the Forever singer appears to be on top of a table clapping and singing along with the music. He even had a “dance off” with a guy at the club.

The Forever singer was seen laughing and joking with an entourage of girls, and despite the fact that he pleaded guilty to felony assault, more than a dozen girls took photos with him.

“Chris wasn’t drinking alcohol, just water, but he seemed in really high Spirits,” an eyewitness tells

“He was chatting to a lot of girls and I saw him entering phone numbers of various hotties into his cellphone all night long.

“At one point he got up on a table and started dancing and singing to a Michael Jackson song, he was giving quite the performance and everyone was watching him and cheering and clapping.

“He looked just like any regular guy, albeit a talented one, hanging out with his friends and having fun.”

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Earlier Tuesday, a judge sentenced Brown to five years’ probation and ordered him to do 180 days of community labor as a part of the plea deal he made in June for his February 8 assault on pop star Rihanna in Hancock Park, California.  Brown is due to report to probation in 72 hours following Tuesday’s  sentencing.

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