SALE! Thibiant Complex Organics Skin Line

Ah ha! Knew that would get your attention!

The ritzy, world-famous Beverly Hills skin clinic, Thibiant, developed its own organic skin line, based on many of the custom treatments available at the flagship spa/store.

From cleansers to regenerating masks and the hero of the line, the Serum, are all 20% off so if you have been dying to use their products, here’s your chance.

Our favorite? The Complex Organics Spray Toner which is made with 70% Organic ingredients which refreshes every time you spay.  While it’s supposed to have the beneficial effect adjusting the skin back to its natural pH, we love the way it wakes us up at work.

To steal their line:  “You can’t put a price on perfect skin, but you can lower it!”

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