Safetox: Beauty Gadget

C’mon on people! Seriously. Are you really going to walk around with this contraption strapped to your forehead, like some alien out of Star Trek?

Safetox claims to reduce wrinkles by 11% – 65% in the space of a few weeks, saying that “This technological innovation is the result of medical research and provides an effective method of combating wrinkles. ” Uh huh.

“With its unique double action on the facial muscles, Safetox® inhibits those muscles that cause wrinkles and close up the face and activates muscles that open up the face and lift the skin.” Uh huh.

“Just a few sessions using Safetox will give better results than months of treatment with the best quality creams. ” Uh huh.

Save your self the money and the embarrassment and wear those character lines proudly, girl!

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