Rob Pattinson Visits Kristen Stewart in LA!

Hunky heart throb Rob Pattinson was spied speeding away from co-star Kristen Stewart’s house on Thursday and his getaway car was a beautiful green Porsche. Looking dashingly handsome in his trademark sunglasses, the Twilight star calmed steered his sports car away from lovely Bella’s house but kindly kept the window open so we could check him out! 

While the rest of the cast is already in Vancouver prepping for Eclipse filming and enjoying their time with new cast members, the star crossed couple is still in Los Angeles.

It seems like Porsche is the exclusive car choice for vampires.  While filming New Moon in Italy, Alice and Bella roared through the city is a stolen yellow Porsche.

Click here for more photos of Rob in his Porsche

With a scheduled appearance at the Teen Choice Awards this weekend and filming starting for Eclipse on August 17 we can’t wait to see the couple back together.

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