Real-Life Hero Chad Lindsey Wins Role With Mischa Barton In The Beautiful Life

Last March, Chad Lindsey was just another aspiring New York actor, appearing in off-Broadway plays while paying the bills doing odd jobs like proof-reading.  Then he saved a total stranger from certain death in a freak subway accident.

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Well, karma can sometimes be a beautiful thing. Chad’s been rewarded for his good deed with what could be his break-through acting assignment.  He’ll be appearing in Mischa Barton’s new TV series, The Beautiful Life.

Chad, 33, was in Manhattan waiting for his subway in March when another commuter fell from the platform, hitting his head on a rail and knocking himself unconscious.  With no regard for his own safety, Chad leapt down into the tracks and lifted the man out of harm’s way. Only when the man was safe did Chad jump back up to the platform himself.  He had only 10 seconds to spare before the train pulled in.

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Chad’s playing a photographer in the CW series about fashion models in Manhattan.  The show premieres September 16.

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