Rachel McAdams — Timeless Beauty At Time Traveler’s Wife Premiere

A stunning Rachel McAdams managed to make time stand still when she walked the red carpet in this sexy plunging white dress in New York Wednesday night.

The Canadian-born beauty teamed-up the dress with some sky-high black stilettos and flattering curls to ramp-up the premiere for The Time Traveler’s Wife.

Brad Pitt also turned-up to lend support to his pal Eric Bana, who co-stars with McAdams, in the romance flick – but all eyes were on his leading lady.

McAdams plays Clare in the romantic drama, who is married to time traveling husband Henry DeTamble (Bana) who has a genetic disorder that makes him travel through time.

When asked if she would like to try this in real life the Mean Girls star said: “I’d be afraid that I would throw it all out of whack. But I would love to see my parents falling in love or seeing them as children – the film made me think about going back and seeing the people that you love in a different time and place.”

Throughout the film, fans will see McAdams getting younger, older and young again, and she paid special praise to her make-up artists for making the transformations so believable.

She added; “I worked with such amazingly talented people that just a brush stroke would change my face a little bit. I looked at myself in the mirror one day and I didn’t realize we were doing older Clare that day and I said ‘Oh I am looking a little haggard’ before being told it was just paint.”

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