Police Warrant: Heroin At Michael Jackson’s House

In shocking court documents released today it was claimed an amount of heroin was found at Michael Jackson‘s house.

See the papers here

But RadarOnline.com can confirm the drug discovered did not test as heroin.

In the court documents an investigator reveals the suspected heroin was discovered following a tip off to the Los Angeles County Coroners Office from the Jackson family themselves. “During the course of the investigation, family members of the decedent notified the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Assistance Chief Ed Winter, that they had located a quality of tar heroin in the decedent’s bedroom located on the 2nd floor of the residence. Chief
Winter notified LAPD detectives of the found evidence.”

Also in the documents, in handwritten notes, the investigating detective, Oliver Martinez writes, “Upon viewing the decedent’s body, there were indications that he had received injections of an unknown medication prior to his death.”

Martinez also says in the docs, that video footage shows Dr. Conrad Murray arriving at Jackson’s residence at approximately 11:00 am.

One of the reasons Murray’s car was impounded on the day Michael tragically died is also addressed in the search warrant. The docs state, “Dr. Murray had not returned to the residence while detectives and coroner’s investigators conducted their on-scene investigation and the vehicle was subsequently impounded.”

The search warrant also lists a Fed-ex tracking number that was seized, and RadarOnline.com has confirmed that the package was delivered to an address in Los Angeles on January 28th, 2009, and was signed for by F. Mohammed.

Other items seized from Michael’s house were empty pill bottles of Lorazepam and Diazepam. Approximately 14.89gg of marijuana was seized, along with a bottle containing 12 Temazepan 30 mg pills. There were other bottles of ointment also seized.

According to a source there are a total of four search warrants, only two were released today. No details on the contents of the other two search warrants have been released.

Story developing…..

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