EXCLUSIVE: PETA Tries To Intercept Michael Vick’s Job Search

PETA  will not be writing letters of recommendation for Michael Vick anytime soon.

The animal protection agency issued a statement Thursday on the former No. 1 pick’s imminent return to the NFL, likely as a backup for the immediate future.

“Anyone who signs Michael Vick needs to have their head examined, something that we’ve been advocating for Mr. Vick himself in order to prove that history won’t repeat itself―with really bad consequences for the team and others.”

The statement comes days after the scrambling quarterback was rumored to be in talks with St. Louis Rams, Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings.

“We’d also refer them to the video that was swiftly pulled down from the Web showing Mr. Vick, the self-described ‘reformed churchgoer,’ at a strip club, celebrating his release, his eyes bleary and his speech slurred―not exactly the image, perhaps, other than of battered dogs from the past, that a team wishes to have.”

That alone will keep him off our fantasy football team, at the very least.

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