EXCLUSIVE: NYPD to Robert Pattinson – You’re On Your Own!

The NYPD is burning through tens of thousands of dollars protecting Robert Pattinson from his rabid fans while he shoots Remember Me in the Big Apple…at least that’s the rabid rumor that is burning up the Internet.

But in these tough economic times, RadarOnline.com is happy to report that the taxpayers of New York City are not on the hook for the Twilight hunk’s security tab.

“The NYPD does not provide security for actors,” a police spokeswoman told RadarOnline.com.  The department will, however, continue to respond to traffic and crowd issues, she said.

And if you’re looking for where those crowds might be, check out RadarOnline’s crib sheet on RPattz’s fav NY spots.

But you’ll have to be fast to find him. New Yorkers only have a few more days of RPattz-mania.  He’s soon off to Vancouver to begin production on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

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