New Photos of New Moon’s Volturi

We’ve shown you the first look at Rob Pattinson in his Edward Cullen make up in Vancouver for Eclipse but in case you’ve forgotten the second movie New Moon, has the pictures of the frightening Volturi and more shots from the set.

See the stunning photos of the Volturi

Stephanie Meyer’s second Twilight book New Moon introduces us to the vampire royal family the Volturi.  Dakota Fanning is the most striking of the cast: replacing her trademark sunny smile are red eyes and a gothic costume.  Cameron Bright as Alec, Michael Sheen as Aro and Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius complete the frightening cast of the dark Volturi vampires.

See more of Rob in costume here

Adventurous beauty Ashley Greene’s Alice is caught in a dangerous embrace with Charlie Bewley’s Demetri and Marcus, Caius and Alec are frightening in their vampire thrones.

See scenes of Ashley Greene and the Volturi in Eclipse

New Moon will be in theaters on November 20.

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