The New Boyz: Our Kind Of Jerks

The New Boyz, the hip hop upstarts behind the catchy top 40 tune, You’re A Jerk, will debut three Web-isodes called Skinny Jeans: The Movement in Los Angeles Tuesday.

The shows are based on The Jerk Movement, a positive fad centered on inner city youth embracing a positive vision on music, dancing, fashion and enterprise.

Clusters of young people devout to the Jerk Movement, known as “Jerk Crews,” have been have been embracing the lifestyle, spreading their productive message over popular social networking formats such as MySpace and YouTube. The Los Angles-borne trend has continued gaining steam, picking up coverage from media outlets including the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Time magazine, among others.

The New Boyz — J-Hawk, The Pink Dollaz, The Bangz, Jinc Ent, UCLA Jerk Kings and Team Dummy — will be on hand for the festivities; their debut album, Skinny Jeanz & A Mic, is slated set to launch September 1.

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