Mischa Barton “Well Behaved” Taking In NYC Rock Show

Mischa Barton raised eyebrows in New York Sunday night by hitting a glitzy bash several days after been released from an involuntary psychiatric hold in Los Angeles.

The fallen OC star hit the Arizona Beverages and Music Unites All Points West party wearing a skin-tight backless cutaway dress and black and pink Christian Louboutin shoe-boots.

Barton is currently in New York where she is shooting her new series The Beautiful Life which will also star Elle Machperson and High School Musical actor Corbin Bleu.

Before the party – where she was joined by designer Richie Rich and celebrity DJ Daisy Lowe – Barton had been spotted out walking her dog Ziggy before hitting a hair-salon to get her hair dyed a darker shade.

As she strolled around The Big Apple’s streets, she sported a pink cotton jump suit with an oversize pink necklace and Warehouse sandals.

Production for The Beautiful Life had to be delayed as Barton’s health tail spiraled culminating in her hospital star.

In her new show, she ironically plays a drug-addict supermodel.

She was held under Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code – the same restriction which hospitalized Britney Spears twice in 2008.

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