Kristen Stewart Thinks The Media Wants Her Soul

After being hounded all day and night by fans and photographers, can you really blame Kristen Stewart for having a little bit of a chip on her shoulder? The actress gave a candid interview about her feelings on fame and why her public image may just be all wrong.

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“The fact is, the paparazzi and most interviewers, they want your soul,” she said to British magazine Dazed & Confused. “It’s so scary because your persona … and I guess I now have one, because people think of me in a certain way … is all based entirely on quick snippets of crazed moments in your life. And that is what people then base their entire opinion of me on!”

Often coming of as ungrateful, brooding, or even snippy in interviews, Stewart defended herself and attempted to explain how sometimes things get lost in translation.

“Anything you say can come and bite you in the ass,” Stewart said. “It’s not even like you say things you don’t mean, it’s just that sometimes they come out wrong.”

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