Jennifer Aniston And Tina Fey Catfight!

Jen Aniston was delighted when she was nominated for an Emmy for her guest appearance on 30 Rock.

However, she’s up against her close friend Tina Fey, whose hilarious spoof of Sarah Palin on SNL is said to be the shoo-in for the award.

Tellingly, Jen didn’t call Tina to congratulate her on the nomination – and insiders say their friendship has been strained by the competition.

“Jen was so excited to be nominated, she’s been talking about it for months,” an insider tells radaronline. “But she’s really disappointed to be going up against Tina. She realizes it’s going to be near to impossible to win now.

“Jen doesn’t deal with competition well, she likes to be the top dog. She’s not happy that Tina is likely to out shine her on the night.

“Jen and Tina used to be really good friends, they used to talk at least every week, but now they hardly talk at all.

“Tina hasn’t got a problem at all with being up against Jen but she is kind of put out by Jen’s attitude towards her now.

“She just can’t understand why Jen would be giving her the cold shoulder over something so trivial.”

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