EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Candy Spelling Reveals New TV Show, Daughter Tori Offers Support

In an exclusive interview Candy Spelling revealed to RadarOnline.com that she is going to have her very own television show. Even though the mother daughter duo have been famously estranged lately, Tori Spelling told us that her mom having her own show “would be great.”

As the wife of television mogul Aaron Spelling, Candy is no stranger to hit shows.  At the I’m Every Woman non-profit organization book signing on Saturday Candy talked about her possible foray into TV, saying “Yes, there is,” going to be a show.  But Candy is not following in her daughter Tori’s footsteps – her show will be scripted. “I wouldn’t do a reality show,” the author of Stories from Candyland said.

Later Saturday night at the Much Love Animal Rescue & Secure-A-Pets Summer fundraiser, Bow Wow Wow of Howlywood, Tori was suprised by the news that her mom was going to have her own show but was supportive, saying “I wish her the best.” Maybe a reconciliation between the two women isn’t too far off?

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