EXCLUSIVE: Vanessa Williams Nude Negatives For Sale On eBay

An auction has mounted on eBay.com touting the original photo negatives to the nude shots that cost Vanessa Williams her Miss America crown in 1984.

RadarOnline.com unearthed the auction on Saturday, with a termination date of September 1.

Starting bid for the alleged original shots stands at $200,000.

The first African-American woman ever given the title, Williams was dethroned ten months into her reign when Penthouse magazine publisher Bob Guccione paid photographer Tom Chiapel for the rights to the naked photographs.

Williams was an employee of Chiapel, a New York photographer who convinced the beauty to pose nude two years prior to her entry into Miss America.

Williams claimed the photos were personal and was under the assumption they had been destroyed, also sayING she’d never given consent for their sale. The auction items include all 156 negatives of the photos, and an alleged signed release form.

Williams was permitted to keep her tiara and scholarship money from the competition, though her hand was forced to resign. She’s gone on to have great success in film, theater, music and television.

She currently stars in ABC’s Ugly Betty.

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