EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson Signed AEG Contract Stating He Had “No Known Health Problems”

Michael Jackson‘s contract with AEG for his “This Is It” tour was filed with the Los Angeles County Superior Court as part of the ongoing probate matter, and RadarOnline.com has obtained a copy of the blockbuster document.

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The contract clearly states “Artistco (a company owned by Michael Jackson), hereby represents and warrants that Artist does not possess any known health conditions, injuries or ailments that would reasonably be expected to interfere with Artist’s first class performance at each of the Shows during the term.”

Michael personally signed the contract with great flourish.

“Michael Jackson passed a physical that was coordinated by AEG, and he formally signed the contract stating that he had no health problems that would prohibit him from honoring his agreement with AEG,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

Jackson signed the contract on behalf of his company, The Michael Jackson Company LLC and as the artist, Michael Jackson. AEG Live CEO Brandon Phillips also signed the contract.

The pop star died June 25th of cardiac arrest.  His personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray is being investigated on possible manslaughter charges but as RadarOnline.com exclusively reported, there are “major problems” with the case delaying it from being turned over to the D.A.

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