EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Twilight’s Ashley Greene Reveals How She Got Into Fighting Shape For Eclipse

It’s hard to find anything wrong with Twilight’s Ashley Greene. But in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, the petite beauty revealed how she had to flex her muscles for some intense fighting scenes in the upcoming third installment of the Twilight films, Eclipse.

RadarOnline.com caught up with Ashley at the DoSomething.org Power of Youth event held at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood on Saturday, where the actress thrilled fans by autographing the red pickup truck driven by Kristen Stewart’s character Bella in the Twilight films.

But it’s the yellow Porsche that Ashley gets to drive in the upcoming sequel, New Moon that she can’t stop gushing about. “I definitely think I’ll be getting one of those very soon,” she told RadarOnline.com. “It’s not a car. It’s a piece of machinery… I felt very powerful.”

The actress is feeling even more powerful these days, thanks to an intense workout she’s had to adopt in order to get into tip-top shape for her fighting scenes in Eclipse.

“Oh, it’s so hard, but I know I’m going to love it in three months,” she said, revealing she’s been working with a trainer who devised a plan that includes yoga, kayaking and lots of cardio.

“I usually do Pilates,” she said. “But I worked with an amazing trainer who really catered my workouts to what I like to do. He’d say, ‘you like to go kayaking? Let’s go kayaking.”

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