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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Project Runway Star Althea Harper Gives A Sneak Peek Into New Season Premiere

Get ready fashion freaks—Season 6 of Project Runway is back and this time, it’s in LA!

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, one of the show’s designers, Althea Harper, gives a sneak peek into tonight’s season premiere, revealing a few of the Hollywood perks that came with shooting in tinseltown.

“The work was a shock to me,” Harper told RadarOnline.com. “They give you a day [to do your design project] so I’m thinking like in school, when I’ve had a day to do something it’s like, ok you get up early and you work all the way through. But on the show you don’t realize that you need to have the sketching time, you need to get fabric, there’s a mandatory lunch break. So a day turns into six hours, you know?”

She adds, “The seasons that I watched I remember thinking, ‘how much is all this stuff played up?’ but the emotions really are running that wild. It gets that crazy because of the situation. It’s very intense.”

Because it was shot in LA, this season will see a bevy of exciting guest judges. One, in particular: Lindsay Lohan.

“It was definitely a cool surprise,” Harper said. “Having Lindsay guest judge definitely played up the whole Hollywood thing. That was one of the cool parts about being in LA, is that we got to experience that sort of stuff.”

Another surprise for Harper was show host Heidi Klum’s quirkiness. “She’s so funny. She’d just stand around on stage, kind of dancing in between takes, so that was a nice surprise,” she said.

And get ready this season to see more of the models! The girls who model the cast’s designs are getting their own spin off show, and as Harper revealed, it went to more than a few of their heads!

“They’re a bunch of divas!” She laughed. “It was really fun, they stand out so much more! It was a great group of girls, but they’re definitely a bunch of drama queens!”

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