EXCLUSIVE: Drew Confronted Justin About His Alleged Cheating

As a successful actress, producer, and businesswoman, Drew Barrymore is not one to beat around the bush. While she and on-and-off again boyfriend Justin Long are currently the picture of romantic bliss, a source reveals new details about their rocky relationship to RadarOnline.com: including one dinner confrontation about his alleged cheating ways!

“It got so bad that Drew actually knew the girls who Justin was cheating with. He was so bold that he would bring her to dinners with them,” the insider shared. “They’d all be sitting around a table at a restaurant in Los Angeles and Drew would ask Justin how many of the other girls at the table he had been with.”

Recently, Long and Barrymore have been spotted smooching in New York where they were filming scenes in Central Park for their upcoming movie Going the Distance. The film is about a couple that tries to maintain a long-distance relationship.

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