EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: “A Group Hug” Welcomes Mischa Barton On Set

RadarOnline.com has learned that when troubled actress Mischa Barton returned to the set of her new CW show The Beautiful Life last Friday, she was welcomed with a group hug and now everything is back to normal.

Her co-star Sarah Paxton says “when I saw Mischa, we all just kinda had a group hug,” just days after the the former OC star was released from a psychiatric hospital.

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Show creator Ashton Kutcher says “I didn’t know it was going on. I don’t think anybody really knew what was going on.”

The cast is very close, Sarah says they hang out together going to dinners and movies.

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Being the producer of the show, Ashton spoke to Mischa when she returned to the set and said “most importantly she’s fine.”

And he’s extremely pleased with her work, he told RadarOnline.com “For me, it’s the best I’ve seen Mischa Barton.”

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RadarOnline.com spoke with Kutcher and Paxton at the red carpet premiere of his new movie Spread Monday night in Hollywood.



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