DJ AM No Show at Band Reunion Week Before His Death

Crazy Town played to a packed house at Hollywood hotspot Les Deux on Wednesday August 26th, but there was one very important band member missing-DJ AM.

The band, who were planning a massive comeback tour, had a feeling something was awry when AM was a no show for the gig but no-one suspected that the DJ would soon be found dead in his New York apartment.

“AM was seemingly devoted to a return to the band,” a source tells RadarOnline. “Everyone was really excited about the idea of a reunion tour and their first gig was at Les Deux.

“Adam was supposed to be there with the rest of the band but he never turned up. They tried calling him but his cell phone went to voicemail and he didn’t pick up or return calls.

“Everyone knew something was up, that maybe he was sick or something, usually he’s so reliable, but no one thought this would happen.”

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