Chris Brown Expected To Receive Probation, Community Service For Rihanna Attack

R&B singer Chris Brown is expected to receive five years probation, six months community service and will have to attend domestic counseling classes for a year when he is sentenced Wednesday afternoon in connection with his brutal attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna after a Grammys party February 8 Los Angeles.

EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna Requesting Less Restrictive Protective Order Against Chris Brown

The singer worked out a plea bargain earlier this summer, in which he admitted to a count of felony assault. According to the police report, Brown punched her repeatedly and bit her ear, leaving blood stains all over the rented Lamborghini the pair were seated in during the incident.

VIDEO: Chris Brown Apologizes For Rihanna Beating

Brown has been working double-time to restore his image following the shocking incident; in addition to numerous Web clips in which he has shown remorse over the attack, he is also expected to appear on Larry King Live Wednesday to apologize again. A viral video featuring a wedding party entering a Church to the Brown’s 2008 single, ‘Forever’, recently thrust the 20-year-old vocalist back into the spotlight into the headlines for matters unrelated to the attack. will be in court for the R&B star’s sentencing Wednesday and bring you up-to-the-minute details.

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