Britney & Lindsay: Blonde Ambition

Say Cheese! Former party pals Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan shocked club goers at L.A.’s Grand Star Jazz Club in Chinatown on Sunday when they showed up together for a night out on the town.

Witnesses say the matching blonds arrived shortly before 2 a.m., laughing and dancing until the club closed at 3 a.m. Perhaps they wanted to show off their new platinum ‘dos! Earlier in the day, Linds and Brit ran into each other at the Andy LeCompte salon, where the two no doubt consulted each other over their matching makeovers.

The girls later shared their fun day out via Twitter.  “Blondes do have more fun,” wrote Spears.  “I second that…for now hehe,” responded Linds.

The last time these two hung out together, Lindsay was still dating boys and Brit was sporting her pink wig.

So what do you think? Could these two be reuniting for work or does this pairing look like the recipe for double trouble?

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