All My Single Ladies: Listen Up!

A little black book has phone numbers, but the big red book has all the answers, according to relationship expert Stephanie Rockey in her new book, Ladies Listen Up!, an unofficial guide for women how to decode the never-ending stream of ambiguous communications the opposite sex provides.

In Ladies Listen Up!, Rockey articulates the harsh reality of sensitive subjects including sex, money, love, friendships and careers. Concepts explored in detail in the book include: emotional independence, increased communications, avoiding gossip, moving on from past failures and women getting along with one another in relation to men.

“Someone has to say it– women live in a fantasy world,” Rockey said. “Women create in their heads the perfect scenario of how they want their life to be — perfect man, perfect relationship, perfect life. Women set themselves up for failure from minute one. No man lives up to these expectations, and in turn, women aren’t happy with their men or their lives.”

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