All My Children Moving From NYC to L.A.

The nation’s slumping economy just hit Pine Valley.

ABC announced Wednesday that it’s moving production of it’s long-time running soap opera All My Children from New York to Los Angeles in a move designed to cut costs.

Production will be re-located to L.A. starting in December; filming begins the week of January 4, 2010.

All My Children is one of the most recognizable brands in television and we are committed to continue telling and enhancing the stories of the residents of Pine Valley,” said ABC daytime president Brian Frons.

The show’s creator Agnes Nixon praised the move, saying: “I am so grateful for the wonderful commitment from ABC to All My Children.

“While I will miss being able to run over to the show… it feels a little like I am sending one of my children off to be married. I am glad the network is making moves that will enable the team to continue telling stories about Pine Valley. There are many more secrets to be revealed.”

The move coincides All My Children’s 40th anniversary.

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