10 Things You Don’t Know About Johnny Depp

He’s one of the most successful actors of all time, with a fan following that could easily be called fanatic. Google his name and you’ll get more than 15 million results. So with all that adoration and attention it might be difficult to believe that there is ANYTHING you don’t know about Johnny Depp. With that in mind, RadarOnline.com searched for some of the more interesting and obscure facts to come up with these 10 things you don’t know about Johnny Depp.









After dropping our of school, he played in a garage band called The Kids which once opened for Iggy Pop
He got his Hollywood break after Nicholas Cage introduced him to his agent
He claims his last name means “idiot” in German
He drove 80 miles to buy a trampoline for his Arizona Dreaming co-star Faye Dunaway after he discovered she wanted to jump on one
He started smoking when he was 12
His partner Vanessa Paradis calls him a great dad except for the fact that he gives their daughter Lily-Rose “too many potato chips”
He once paid Leonardo DiCaprio $500 to sniff a rancid pickled egg
He owns a 45-acre Caribbean Island that has one portion named Heath’s Place after Heath Ledger
His 156-foot, steam-powered boat is called Vajoliroja (an amalgam of the names of his partner, himself, and his children) and has pirate-themed touches
He loves to paint people’s faces, especially their eyes
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